Energy saving, a priority!

The adoption of water-to-water heat pumps for the production of heating and air conditioning, without any emission of pollutants, is not the only precaution that we have adopted to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.

The Hotel is equipped with an automated and computerized system that controls, for each room, the heating and cooling dispensing parameters, and the relative power consumption.

Rooms are operated by magnetic cards to optimize fuel consumption; windows are equipped with magnetic
contacts that, in case of opening, blocking the operation of the systems.

The consumption of water in the rooms is very low thanks to the adoption of filters that reduce the flow while ensuring the maximum comfort.

In the kitchen, induction plates allow to cook rapidly and without heat loss, as well as thermo-ventilated convection ovens.

The building was constructed with solutions that allow a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation and the partitioning walls of the outer face were carefully realized by directing maximum containment of thermal dispersion and sound insulation.

Discover our green philosophy

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